You’ve found your passion and launched your dream business. It’s exciting and
overwhelming at the same time. One thing’s for want it to grow.

But not at the expense of family time and your sanity. We’re here to tell you, there’s
a way for you to grow your business to great heights on your own terms.

Festively Secret

What’s the secret?

We’ll give you a hint:
You’re looking at it right now!

Yes, we're referring to online sales


Customers have embraced online shopping even before COVID, with online spending increasing by 44% from 2019 to 2021.

And there’s no going back.
Consumers say they now do an average of 43% of their monthly retail purchases online.

  • But what if I only offer pickups?
  • But what if I need a long lead time?
  • But what if I want to control how much I sell and don’t want to be overwhelmed?
  • But what if I am not that tech savvy?

Check, check, check and check!

We Built Festively with You in mind - the creative entrpreneur
who wants to be in control of yoyr schedule and how much
(or how little) you want to take on.

And if you can figure out how to use Instagram,
You are more tech savvy than you think!

Get ready to level up, use technology to Your advantage,
and join a supportive community
of like-minded small business owners!

If you are reading this, we know you are building a legacy.

You’ve joined the exciting world of entrepreneurship for your family, for your community, and for your own fulfillment. We want to see you succeed!

In fact, we think there is an abundance of opportunity for success in the events and celebrations space. We see it every day with our partners.

But in this competitive world of likes, follows, and filters, it can be hard to know if you’re taking the right steps, and if what you're doing is the right thing to do right now.

We specialize in helping events & custom gifts businesses grow and thrive.

We are your new business besties! We don’t want you to go at it alone, and
we want you to thrive! We believe getting your business online can help you get
more time back to do what you love, and more money in your pocket.

Save time with an online showroom.
Traditional websites are great, but they don’t help you run your business. Festively lets you create a custom showroom with product and service listings designed for celebration businesses like florals, charcuterie, treats, rentals, custom gifts and more.

Get Control of your inbox Allow customers to schedule orders on your terms, collect deposits, payments, offer coupons, receive text notifications when you get an order, block dates with an availability calendar plus more. See all the features (link to online help)

Gain exposure and visibility to clients
We partner with customers looking to book and buy from diverse creative entrepreneurs. We also invest in online marketing, social media ads, SEO, influencer partnerships and corporations to attract your dream customers.

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
Our growing community of events businesses is excited to meet and partner with fellow creators. Our community of entrepreneurs exchange business tips and creative techniques. You can work with fellow creatives by participating in styled shoots, workshops, and more.

Dear old days of going
back and forth about
availability, and getting
ghosted after you send your prices:

We are breaking up with you!

Here’s why:

Patty & Iris

Festively allows you to share your offers, availability and pricing up front - which is what customers want!

Once a customer has all of the decision making information in front of them (like pricing, terms, and availability), they are much more likely to book!

And once they decide to book, you can automatically offer ‘up sells’ or complimentary products during check out, collect a deposit immediately, and let Festively send reminders to collect the balance. You create the online experience that works best for you

Find buyers who appreciate your unique talents!

Savvy consumers recognize that buying from small businesses is good for our communities. They want to invest their dollars in local small businesses, and will happily pay for your services. We will help them find you.

Get help growing your business.

From getting your products and services online, to getting comfortable ‘going live’, we know there is a lot to learn as a business owner. We are all about community over competition and help at all levels, from newbies to industry experts, create a culture of learning. Our community is a great place for sharing and growth is the go-to platform for party hosts ready to buy everything they need for their next celebration.

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We know you're going places!

Let’s set you up for more online success

Social media is doing great things for your business,
but we have no control over the algorithm, and oftentimes
it’s the same people who engage with you online.

 Help more people find you by creating a vendor account on Festively:

1.Open your Festively account and create a custom showroom telling the world about your business and what makes you unique. Make it easy for customers to find (and buy from) you.

2.Create listings of your best selling products and services. Add pricing, terms, and allow them to book you on the spot!

3.Create new offers for different holidays and occasions. Get beautiful photos and videos of your products by participating in Festively styled shoots, pop ups, and events. Grow your brand and your network today with Festively.

 Get more referrals

Your loyal customers are awesome, and their referrals are important. Wouldn’t it be great to get more referrals from customers so their friends, family, and neighbors can find you? Festively does that for you.

Festively automatically prompts customers to post their pictures, tag you, and leave ratings and reviews, letting everyone know how awesome you are.

 Minimize time consuming back-and-forth communications

Festively lets you set black out dates, lets customers book your services online, and alerts you via text and email when you get an order or a question. Cut down on the back-and-forth between customers, while streamlining your operations. We are happy to help you minimize errors, re-work and time spent tracking and accounting for orders in the DMs.

 Take orders 24-7

Let’s face can’t be at pop-ups every weekend. And according to e-commerce experts, busy moms are placing orders after 8:00 p.m. With Festively, you can be open 24/7 and not miss a sale.

Festively is working hard to bring in new clients every day through social media ads, SEO, and influencer partnerships to generate traffic to your business.

Patty & Iris Special Moments

We started to help busy moms like us slow down and celebrate life’s special moments.

While we loved planning parties, were frustrated having to send tons of DMs to find out which vendors were available, looking for recommendations for unique treats and decor, and running around town to get what we needed.

So we created, a place where party hosts can go to get party ideas, book rentals, order balloons and cakes, reserve services like bartenders, plus order anything else needed to throw a fabulous party.

Imagine if you...

Could save time and take on more customers (or spend that time doing whatever you want!)

Get organized with an Availability Calendar. You say when you're free, and how much notice is needed before bookings. Create listings that include all the necessary details and cut down on repeat questions.

Never had to ask a customer for payment (and can avoid awkward conversations!)

We collect full payments or deposits for you. We’ll automatically send an invoice when the order is placed, and remind customers to pay the balance when it’s due so you can avoid awkward conversations about payments.

Never missed a notification (and look like an organized rock star!)

Get automated text messages when you receive new orders, and when customers send you a message. Plus, make your terms & conditions and FAQs visible so clients understand your requirements

Could easily network, learn, and focus on growing your business

Get ready to level up! Hone your business skills and learn from successful industry experts in a variety of topics with regular learning opportunities in the Festively community.

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This is for you if you...

See that online shopping is the new revolution

Many aspects of the event industry are still manual, relying on phone calls & Instagram DMs. Customers want an easier way to shop for unique gifts and party needs. incorporates technology into your in-person processes and adds features customers want so they can easily book and buy from you online.

Want to grow your business

Buyers want unique, custom and personalized items or services, something you can give them. You are the wow factor they are looking for! We are here to help you connect with more loyal customers.

Want to build your brand

On, we don’t hide the entrepreneurs, we celebrate you! Your online showroom will share details about your business such as your social media account, website, plus showcase your unique products and services. You can share your most popular offers with quality photos that represent your brand.

Want to connect with fellow creators

We love helping you grow your network and expand your reach. We make it easy to connect with fellow entrepreneurs. We proactively connect you with creators from your niche (florals, charcuterie, bakers, etc.). And we create lots of opportunities to network online and offline via styled shoots, training sessions, and more.

Are looking for more things to write off on your taxes

Cha-ching! Because we are a software company, any fees you pay to, even credit card transaction fees, are business expenses that can be a tax write off. Consult your tax pro for more details.

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What entrepreneurs are saying

Enterpreneur 1

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patty and Iris of Festively on a couple of occasions. They are an amazing duo. Not only do they support local minority owned businesses they truly do set you up for success! It’s always festive working with them!

Brenda Mendoza, Owner, Sparked Moments

Enterpreneur 2

“Festively also provides my floral business clients with a convenient credit card payment option. Their online shop is quick and easy to navigate both from a vendor and customer perspective, and I can easily update my online shop as often as I need to. I am quickly notified as soon as an order is submitted and payments to my business are processed immediately and deposited directly to my bank account.”

Kathleen Andujo, Owner, Madre Florals

Enterpreneur 3

"Festively is a great platform to connect with local vendors and creatives for all your party needs. They help business owners level up the product quality and customer experience."

Tina Li, Owner, In the Clouds Events


Our commitment

Festively is passionate about helping women of color build thriving businesses that support themselves and their families.

Together with our community, we will help creative entrepreneurs pursue your dream of business ownership, gain greater financial security, and live life on your terms.

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 How much does it cost to list my products and services on Festively?

We have three price options:

1.Festively Ready: List your products and services for free. You only pay a fee when you make a sale.

  • We collect a 7% service fee on all sales.
  • There is a 3% credit card transaction fee on all sales from our payment processor, Stripe.
  • Combined, there is a 10% fee on sales. For example, if you charge $1000, you receive $900.
  • Just for signing up, you’ll get full access to the “We’re Going Places” Community

2.Festively Set: Pay a flat fee of $25 per month.This option has a number of benefits:

  • We waive the 7% service fee.
  • Get full access to the “We’re Going Places” Community
  • Get free professional photography via our themed style shoots
  • Get premier access to clients
  • Get additional freebies to give to clients, including cards and more.
  • Get first access to be a featured vendor at pop up experiences, hosted events, marketing promotions, and more

3.Festively Go: $20/month if you pay annually.

  • Get all the benefits of Festively Set, but at a lower rate if you make a one time payment of $240
  • Plus get additional bonuses (announced throughout the year) for annual members

With options 2 & 3, you will still have a 3% transaction fee on all sales from our payment processor, Stripe.

  How does Festively work?

On, customers can search for everything they need for their next celebration by date, theme, or location. returns their search with local vendors who offer those products and services. Customers only have to click to buy and book on the spot.

Vendors create online showrooms showcasing their items and services for sale with clear pricing, terms and conditions.

  What ways do you advertise?

We are connected with business associations and networking groups including Chambers of Commerce, women’s networking groups, real estate associations, and other marketing channels targeting the business community. We also invest in online marketing, social media ads, SEO, and influencer partnerships to showcase our talented network of vendors to party hosts.

  Where are you based?

Festively is based in Southern California.

  What If I already have my own site? Or advertise elsewhere?

That’s great! When marketing your business, you want to be found in multiple places, including online, in person, and via word of mouth. Festively is another great channel for you to showcase your products and services and gain exposure to new clients.

  What if I’m just starting out?

We all have to start somewhere! In fact, when you’re just starting out, helps you create processes with the most efficiency. The most important thing is that you are committed to following your passion, growing your business, and are ready to take the next step.

  Are you Event Planners?

No, we don’t plan parties. Although we are experienced event planners, our company does not plan events. Our website helps those planning an event find and book all their party essentials, and even find an event planner that can help with their party planning needs.

  Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out, we’re happy to answer them! Send us an email at

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